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    Badar Al Hashmi

    Badar Al Hashmi
    "We offer the opportunity for organisations to excel without compromise; we ask questions and pay attention to your responses. We develop solutions tailored to your organisation and its unique requirements."
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    Badar Al Hashmi

    The new auditor's report: the impact on Oman

    The IAASB finalised its project on auditor reporting, which resulted in a set of new and revised standards. But how well understood are these changes? Who will the new standards impact in Oman?

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    Pathways to Parity
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pathways to Parity
    2024 marks the 20th year of monitoring and measuring the proportion of women occupying senior management roles around the world.
    Round-up of 2023 sustainability reporting
    Sustainability Round-up of 2023 sustainability reporting
    Sustainability reporting highlights from 2023 to keep you up to date and on top of your sustainability-related reporting journey.
    Sarah Carroll
    | 14 min read |
    Mid-market businesses look past slowdown and plan for growth
    International business Mid-market businesses look past slowdown and plan for growth
    Although there are signs of an improving global economic outlook, mid-market firms are under no illusions about the difficulties ahead.
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